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Thailand Power of Ten Update -26 Oct

On the mend Andy arrived back to where we were staying. The Hospital was crazy busy so he left Pete there to be seen. We discussed different options as we somehow have to get onto the road to begin the run. We have a solution. Today we will begin with a short 15km run out, just to get going. Make a marker and then get a lift back to the hotel. Tomorrow we will drive out and start on the same spot. This way with...


Thailand Power of Ten Update -25 Oct

Day 1 Finally in Thailand Walking out of the plane it felt as if some one had left the oven door open. It’s seriously hot here and then there is the humidity. The run is going to be, let’s say interesting. With our mountain of baggage we headed up to the pick up zone gate 4 on the 2nd floor for the hotel transfer. No one there! So the journey begins. Well I suppose when we left we only had a plane ticket, a phone number...


Thailand Ultra and the Power of 10 pt4

The first journey was my beginning to this life changing event beginning all those 10 years ago (and so the numbers roll), when I put on my running shoes for the first time in Jiayaguwan in the Gobi desert region of NW china.   It was down on the banks of the Great White River where the great wall begins and then snakes out across the Gobi and Tangier deserts and on into the mountains. I remember as I headed off down the great wall of China...


Thailand Ultra and the Power of 10 pt3

Looking back over my shoulder, through the dust at the fading footprints that I have left across this planet – the rugged mountains that I have climbed crested with snow caps and clothed in spinney shale. Proud they stand in the morning light as the clouds clear and how new they look washed by the passing storm and soothed by winds.   I tumbled down these wet slippery rocks, sliding and crashing into its unforgiving might, winded and broken.   I have managed to stand up and take another...


Thailand Ultra and the Power of 10 pt2

There is the saying, the stars are aligned or beginning to align – but not only the stars, then there is the numerical side as well.   In the Asian countries numbers play a big part in people's lives; superstition, luck, back home here in SA as well, there is always that lurking no 13 – and don’t let it happen on a Friday. So what does this mean when all of these come together at once? Well I feel it's all beginning to happen around me,...


Thailand Ultra and the Power of 10 pt1

Thailand Ultra and the Power of 10   So what is this all about?   To run the 100 km Thailand Ultra Marathon, known as the "Beast", recently rated by Red Bull as the 5 th hardest Ultra marathon in Asia is a tough challenge, but there is a twist. On Landing in Bangkok, Andrew and I will be running to the start of the event; we thought this was going to be a doddle until we found out that it was 1000 km away and then on completing...


Man vs. Beast

Covering a distance of 800km over 16 days along the west coast of South Africa, the ultimate physical and mental endurance race for man and horse alike. Raising awareness and funds to facilitate corrective surgery in animals & in children born with cleft lips and palates.



Food, The Deepest Subway & The Race

The Health Centre Some how Andy and the one guide decided that before the run I needed one of the state issued hair cuts, so off we went to the health and beauty centre housed in a 4 story building and serviced 10-000 people per day. The complex consists of shower and bath rooms, saunas, massage facilities, beauty salons and hair salons. In we went for the normal “official” tour and then into the hair salon. On the wall was a massive poster of 15 official hairstyles...


Introduction, the DMZ & Daily Life

Meeting our minders I must admit it was quite, lets say overwhelming looking around at the airport, military everywhere, dark grey and a weird feeling overcomes one. Then you walk into the building, I saw similar in Cuba, but this was in its own league. We had filled in the arrivals for and the questions were bad enough so we just made sure there was no chance that we had missed anything. People around us were having GPS watches confiscated, phones checked, literature looked at and...


Welcome to North Korea

The N-Korea marathon It had been a crazy 3 weeks, after 6 months of trying to go the official route with no reply to a single mail or ph call, a break through came and the madness began. The borders to N- Korea were re opened after months of closure and we were introduced to a group in China who could get us access in to the DPRK. The next thing Andy and I were on a plane to Beijing and the crazy journey began. After 25...