India: Lost & Found


With his hardy yet comical crew, David Grier set off to run from the northernmost Hindu temple in the Himalayan foothills of Kashmir right down to the southern tip of India. Through its beauty, its heaving masses and the remarkable resilience of its people, they found themselves, 93 days and 4 008 km later, emerging a whole lot wiser at their journey’s end.

‘Good luck, my friend.’ Simple words said in passing by a holy man to David Grier on the streets of Mumbai. Grier didn’t know the man; he hardly saw him, in fact, but that encounter was a sign that the madcap idea he was investigating – whether or not it was, in fact, possible to run the length of India – was something he had to do.

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Burnt Vanilla


Each Journey that one embarks on is so different, so unpredictable, littered with lessons. Ultimately each journey will etch a scar of life as it passes. As I fought the twisting path of this journey, a path that has sent me on so many unplanned detours, I look back at the many different stages and how everything has panned out, they are far from the original path. Circumstance has been the single biggest hurdle that I have had to overcome and ultimately the biggest effect and impact on this challenge.

Sitting back and reflecting circumstance is not the biggest hurdle we all have to face, deal with and ultimately need the ability to adapt to. How one handles the circumstances that you find yourself in, I feel is the has the biggest bearing on the final outcome of your life, your interpretation and ability to react in the correct way to the circumstance, that decision will ultimately have the biggest influence on your life. It all boils down to ones attitude.

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Hope in Thyme


Departing from Oranjemund in Namibia on 1 July 2008, following the same run format as I did in China, breaking each day’s target distance into 3 runs, morning, midday and late afternoon. In this way I aimed to cover some 45km per day, with one rest day a week. I arrived in Mozambique’s Ponto D’Ouro 80 days later and just under 3500km covered.

My route saw me hugging the coastline as closely as possible, running predominantly on secondary roads. Supported by a back up team of four who assisted with the necessary roadside assistance as well as all camping or accommodation, meals, communications and logistical arrangements.

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Courage and Rice


Through this run I had to personally deal with life threatening situations and life changing decisions, ultimately realizing that in order to continue with my journey I had to embrace change and evolve. I found out how important it is to be able to change as we travel our personal journeys through life to ultimately meet success.

We all have this ability but must take that personal commitment to embrace change in order to move forward.

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