“Burnt Vanilla” A journey through Madagascar

Each journey that one embarks on is so different, so unpredictable, littered with lessons. Ultimately each journey will always etch a scar of life as it passes. As I fight the twisting path of this journey, a path that has sent me on so many unplanned detours. If I look back at the different stages and how everything has panned out, they are far apart from the original course. Circumstance has been the biggest single hurdle that I have had to overcome and ultimately had the biggest effect and impact on this challenge. But sitting back and reflecting, is it not circumstance that is ultimately the biggest hurdle that we all have to face, deal with and ultimately need to have the ability to adapt to. How one handles the circumstance that you find yourself in I feel ultimately has the biggest bearing on the final outcome of life, your interpretation and ability to react in the correct way to the circumstance, that decision will ultimately have the biggest influence on your life.

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