Taste Braai Recipes

Salt Roasted Beef Fillet, Corn and Beer Bread, Deboned leg of lamb, Stuffed field mushrooms, Braai Wraps

Salt Roasted Beef Fillet

1kg iodised salt

1 cup sugar

3 table spoons crushed pepper

3 table spoons chopped rosemary ( fresh)

1 table spoon chopped Basil ( fresh)

½ Beef fillet


Mix all ingredients well

Put a layer down , place the fillet on this and cover with the rest of the salt mix

Cover with cling film and leave for 8 hours.

Remove fillet and rinse off the salt, pat dry with a paper towel.


Corn and beer bread


500grm self raising flower

1 tin of corn (In water)

1 teaspoon salt

1 375 ml beer


Add all the ingredients, Mix well. Add the beer and mix till smooth.

Place batter in a warm place to rise.

Put in bread tin bake 1 hour at 180. 10 mins before end smear top with butter

Cast iron pots, bake with coals under and on the lid till its golden brown. About 1hour.


De-boned leg of lamb.


1 de-boned lam leg.


1 table spoon Rosemary fresh,

1 table spoon fresh thyme

1 table spoon coarse salt

1 table spoon garlic

1 teaspoon black pepper

2 table spoons lemon juice

1 table spoon chopped olives

2 table spoons olive oil

1 table spoon sun dried tomato

½ A grated onion


Mix all ingredients and grind in a pestle and mortar.

Take half of the paste rub over the lamb 1 hour before cooking.


Place the lamb over the coals, quite high up ( you should be able to hold your hand there for 8 seconds. Slowly Braai and turn for about 45 minutes, remove from the heat. Let rest for 5 minutes, rub the rest of the past over the lamb. Finish it by Braaing for 15 minutes longer, or depending how pink you want it


Stuffed field mushrooms


6 large field mushrooms

6 sprigs fresh rosemary

Sliced onion

Garlic butter

Salt and pepper

Garlic croutons, crushed



Cut the stalks out of the mushrooms, peel. Place on a few onion slices , a sprig of rosemary and a blob of garlic butter on each, sprinkle and add some crushed croutons.

Lay the mushrooms onto the foil and fold it over into a parcel. Bake on the braai for about 12 minutes.


Braai wraps


Broccoli tender ends.

Butternut disks (thin)

Red onion

Blue berry blue cheese


salt and pepper


1 packet soft wraps

Olive oil

Salt and pepper


Rub the broccoli, butternut and onion with Salt, pepper and olive oil. Lightly grill over the fire – let cool

Rub a light layer of mascarpone on the inside of each wrap right to the edges- as this will hold the wrap together.

Lay , broccoli, rocket, butternut and crumbled blue cheese on each wrap- be fairly generous, then roll up from the one end quite tightly.

Place on the grill and lightly brown. Slice through at and angle and serve with different pesto

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