There is a line 40km of shore of the Madagascan coast of daily storm action, as the land air flows out over the ocean, meeting the moisture laden coastal air. Building massive banks of cloud and lots of static electricity, and this then lets rip into some of the scariest tropical storms every morning and yes, did I get a taste of this.

It was just after 4 in the morning; fist signs of the sun were just visible under a massive bank of dark cloud. The ocean was like a mirror, so calm it was. The sea around me was slowly turning pink as the sun brushed its artistic talent across the gun metal canvass, fooling me into a sense of calm.

My kayak cut a line through the tranquil scenery. To my left the cloud seemed to quietly swirl and climb into the stratosphere like a majestic dancer, but there was some thing about it that made me weary. The surroundings became darker and darker, the surface of the sea looked as if it began to quiver and the ripples stand up like hair on a spooked dog back. The first signs on wind came whisking over the ocean, little swirls that started to torment the surface into a growing frenzy.

The clouds mood suddenly changed as it frowned and swooped down to the surface gushing tons of water onto the ocean. The core of the cloud blackened and from this a pencil like vortex of swirling cloud began to form and slowly stretch down to the ocean surface, gaining with intensity. On touching the sea, like a giant trunk it siphoned water up 300meters into the clouds core. Things just seemed to deteriorate with every second as the ocean bucked and heaved below me. Spray stinging my face, the panic slowly started to grow. Time to get out of here,

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