A Challenging Year

It’s been a rough past year for everyone, I hardly think that there has been any exceptions. It’s forced one to sit back and reflect, find ways to survive, innovative options to get over the hurdles that have been thrown at us on a daily basis. Those who have overcome this will slowly reap the rewards as things turn.

In the midst of this turmoil, the stark reality of life’s hardships have never been taken away, especially for the ones who have no reserves to fall back on, no margins for survival, everyday is a struggle just to keep going. Unfortunately in the cost cutting that has been forced on us, they have been at the forefront, life just becomes harder. How do they survive? Every morning they just get up and soldier on, they have no option.

It’s these folk that inspire me to keep pushing to try and make a difference.

To find funding for any project at the moment is an impossible task. Month after month I have been meeting with corporates, every time I have come away with my spirit knocked, but I have refused to let that get the better of me and have managed to keep positive. To bring a project to reality and to find funding and not give up after every door is closed on a daily basis is more difficult than the event itself. The reality is that it just gets more difficult as one moves deeper into the project. We often eventually sit back and give in and think to oneself, “What difference will my little contribution make any way?”.

You are so wrong, every little bit helps, don’t give up on your inner spirit.

“Make a difference.”

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