A farewell

Saturday 21 November

The wind was gusting over the dunes, spraying the beach with a shimmer of millions of sparkling grains of sand. The turquoise ocean heaved to and fro as the waves climbed into the wind releasing a shower of white spray as they surged forward cascading onto the beach. I slowly walked over the dunes my arm firmly entwined into my daughter Jessica’s as we moved on down towards the ocean. The little bridesmaids were joyously running ahead, the excitement starting to bubble over in them. Jessica’s veil was blowing around her as it flapped in the wind, giving me glimpses of her mystical beauty. As I looked at her, her beauty just seemed to radiate through it. Her dress graciously flapped as if it were wings carrying her as she floated towards the group awaiting her arrival.

What a special moment for a father, but a in a way a sad one. My little daughter as she was always to me was now a woman and these were the last few moments that I would spend with here before I gave off her hand in marriage to begin a new life. Her journey was now to begin.

We walked on down the sandy isle, our bare feet digging into the beach, a sea of tearful joyous eyes greeted us, in silence we moved on. Stopping, I lifted her veil and kissed her farewell looking up through a screen of tears I passed her hand to Eli, the groom to be who would now care for her, with my blessing.

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