A few local fisherman

A few local fisherman seemed to creep out of the bush along the little beach, gathering to stare at my kayak, they stared at it, came closer and the discussion started in earnest as well as the comparison to their dug out lying nearby. You can then imagine what went through their mind when I tried to explain that I was going to paddle to the big island out there, they just disappeared back into the bush shaking their heads, in a way it looked as if they were walking away that they did not have to witness this crazy thing.

There was a small coral reef ahead, then the line of breakers, further than that, just deep blue ocean, placing my kayak in the shallows I slowly got into the kayak, my mind racing, questioning, contemplating, wondering what lies ahead. My stomach turning, yes I am scared, but I feel it’s a normal reaction when one attempts something that no one has tried before.

I pushed off the land, that would be the last time that I see or feel land for weeks, a scary thought, as I paddled out I could not hold back the emotions it was now the big deep ocean the elements and me, at the deepest point 3km deep.

I could hear the cheer from the crew behind me and in the distance the hoot from the Ocean Adventurer, as I paddled out, the turquoise water swirling with each stroke, the faint slop on the side as the swell hit the kayak the wind was fresh head on, I could smell the clean salty ocean all around. The odd little shoal of fish scurried in every direction as I cut through their gathering. Beautiful orange and purple bird-like flying fish burst through the oceans surface and launch into the air in large groups trying to escape the predators below.

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