A milestone

I am entering the final stage of a journey that has been the most testing physically, mentally and emotionally that I have ever undertaken. I have had to dig myself out of many a situation on numerous occasions, where I felt that it was near impossible. Sheer determination and a clear understanding of what needed to be done and the will to do it have pulled me through. Physically I have tinkered on the brink on many occasions because of disease that has hit me time and time again. In this state the emotional side kicks in as it is totally out of my control, it is due to circumstance that I have found myself in this position. Critical decisions had to be made in these situations, decisions that would ultimately affect me later on and the outcome of the journey.

Being out here alone, made the decision even harder, it was my call and mine only. When one finds oneself in a situation like this, there is a definite sense of fear and hints of panic that go through ones mind as to the ramification and outcome of that decision.

This is what makes a solo journey so difficult, you only have yourself to blame – but that is our eventual path, life is a solo journey and there will come that day that you have to make that choice and decision that only you can make. It is hard and so many factors have to be taken into consideration before you make your final choice. In order to move on in life every one of us have to make that crucial decision, and sometimes more than once. Time and time again it’s the circumstance that you find your self in due to a previous choice that forces you to make the call.

Think and think again, often you only have one chance.

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