A new year

As we have toiled through the past year, each of us on our own path, our own personal journey, a year seems to be a little hill in our lives that we grind up. Sometimes we don’t make it to the top, but eventually that chapter is closed if you have made it or not and a new on is opened, another chance another year to right the wrongs make good the bad, correct the course that you have found yourself on.

I find that the journeys that I travel give me much time to reflect, look back at my life. Yes there are regrets and lots of them. There have been directional changes that have gone well but sometimes I have just slipped back into the rut again. This is where one has to dig deep as an individual. We all know what is correct and the areas of our lives that we have to work on. Basically don’t fool yourself, those around you see it long before you do, it’s that old story I do it tomorrow, I start tomorrow, I will phone tomorrow. It’s now that counts. Commit yourself and stick to it. Make that call!

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