So often on this journey I have looked at what I am going through, my mental and physical challenges. How often don’t we seem to just focus on what we are experiencing and are a bit blinkered to what others are going through, even if it is unintentional and just in the heat of the moment.

Stuck on Nosy be, no food, nowhere to stay, no way to get back to the crew on the main land, and no real solution to getting funds in sight, I phone my wife, and was a bit agitated about the situation, tired hungry and not really being reasonable. I still had the cheek of saying that she must sort it out, and on top of it said, “Do you know what I am going through”.

Have I once really given it much thought to what she is going through, what problems she is up against, left at home to run my business, in the busiest time of the year, look after Jade, sort out many other things, basically keep funds coming in and doing 2 people’s work, have I sat back and thought what she has been going through and has had to put up with, All she has given me is unselfish support that I can concentrate on the task ahead of me hassle free.

A pillar of unwavering unquestioning support for me and the project. I am so fortunate and privileged to have a partner like this, Liz thank you I really appreciate what you are doing.

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