As I now embark on the final phase of a 12-year journey to “IGNITE HOPE”.

As I now embark on the final phase of a 12-year journey to “IGNITE HOPE”.


To rekindle a flame that is in such desperate need to be re- fuelled.


As every one of us strives to be the spark to the hope that we are all reaching out for.


Hope is the thread holding the moral fibre of our society together.


Hope is all that we have, to hold onto in this ever changing challenging and evolving modern society with all its challenges that we face daily.


Over time, heroes, icons and legends have let our youth down; we need to be picked up again, lifted onto the shoulders of hope and inspired once again to rekindle the moral fibre of society to believe that the future will hold something better for us to strive towards together.


Hope is the sunrise to a better future.


Over the past years I have run thousands of km across the globe; my journey has taken me along the length of the Great wall of China (4200 km), the entire coast of South Africa (3300 km), a paddle from Africa to Madagascar (500 km), a run South to North across the Island of Madagascar (2700 km), from North to South down the entire length of India (4008 km), the length of the UK and Ireland (2400 km) and 1500km through Cuba.


These journeys have been to create awareness for the plight of our children globally.


But most importantly, the journey has on its outset been to inspire the youth to make a difference, to “Ignite Hope,” hold onto their dreams and to realise that through huge effort, hard work, self-belief and never giving up, anything is possible – you can live and realise your dream.


As I embark on this final leg of my journey, “Back to the Wall” it seems to resonate with so many as we find ourselves often with our backs to the wall of life


“Come on, do it, share a simple message of how you would IGNITE HOPE in someone’s life, send it to them. 



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