How much do you take and what, will one ever get this right. Standing at the checking counter, the answer was quick; no you never get it right.

Overweight, again! The problem is I need everything that I have brought with me. On the weigh-in of my bags I tried putting my foot under the bag to lift it, placing the bag skew on the scale that it hangs onto the rail and the full weight is not reflected, nothing seemed to work.

“You are 17kg over Sir”. My heart sunk. Then I remembered my frequent flyer card, my joker, and flashed it. Yes, it gave me another 10kg. But the 7 still stared at me. Then the great story telling began of the adventure and then I began to pain the guilt trip and laid it on thick.

Imagine if you forced me to give up a piece of equipment and something went wrong, how you would feel, before I had even finished, the plan worked. The gear was through.

Not so soon, the worst was to come, I was now to be separated from my gear. That’s ok, but one bag was oversize with my kites in it. This had to be handed in at a different counter. From previous experiences, this bag just never gets reunited with you.

I have just gone through this on my recent cooking trip to Germany, when my specially crafted chocolate dessert for the gala dinner went missing. I handed it in at the very same oversize baggage cubicle, my heart sank. When my dessert finally arrived in Germany only 65 out of the original 150 deserts were still in tact the rest – broken, and arrived a day late.

I walked over to the counter with the bag, with my wetsuit kites and the rest with a long face handed it in. As the handlers dragged the heavy rectangular waterproof bag counter, they stopped and looked at me, there was something that they must have seem in my look. I took the opportunity and I said, “Please guys, that bag contains my relative’s bones that I am taking with. Make sure it’s loaded safely on the correct flight.” Their eyes sprung open like saucers as they recoiled back in shock, stumbling into the cubical wall, followed by “Yoe!” “Yoe!” “Yoe!”.

The lady with the scanner shouted for the supervisor as the “Dwang” now hit the fan and every thing was going downhill from here.

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