Be the Hope

We talk about hope on a daily basis; we face and grapple with it every day.


It’s something that we are always searching for; it’s the fuel that gives us the drive to fight for tomorrow as we feel that it will bring a better tomorrow.


Its deep within us, we all have that inherent sense of hope, it’s our window to look through at the positives that tomorrow will offer.


It is there happening now, the most daunting thing about it is the pace of how quickly the negatives of life can mist up that window and we cease to see any positive side to life. The weight of this just seems to keep accelerating the negative downward spiral of life. This is where the most important demister comes into one’s life. Its Change, it brings Hope…


With every journey that I embark on there is always that goal that I set out to achieve; it’s in a way a bowl of ingredients.

There is a little on the personal side, a little inspiration, a little change and a lot of hope, mix all of this together and one gets that big life lesson.


I have often mentioned that the most important things that I have taken from each of my journeys are the life’s lessons that I have picked up along the way.

How I have managed to evolve with each one as it has unfolded.


Somehow every one of these journeys always seems to enhance my life afterwards!


As I now reflect on this just before I embark on probably my most difficult physical journey, (I will cover this later) I feel that the importance of hope in my life has become paramount to me, it’s going to fuel the change.  I feel that it was one of the most important factors that I have had to come to terms with, the realisation that everything and everyone around us is evolving and changing at such a rapid rate.


The sooner that I manage to come to terms with this the better. It’s fine in saying this, my challenge now is also going to be my most difficult emotional one. It’s now time up, we must eventually “Be the change, be the Hope.”


A commitment to change on its own is not enough unless one also commits to be that change that you seek, make that change within and consciously be it, live it. Only by doing this will one create a sense of hope within and have a positive outlook on the future.


To me, hope in a future that will hold a better life, comes in the form of a reward when there has been significant change. There is also a bigger picture – which is the context we live in- and that is influenced by us all and the attitudes and changes we make, however small.


What is the result of this mammoth journey going to be and what are the new lessons that lay ahead in the unknown valleys and peaks of the Great Wall, only time will tell?


Deep inside I also feel a sense of inherent hope for the future.


The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life.  It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get it started. ~ Norman Cousins


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