Camel chase

It’s been going better every day; I am getting stronger by the day. Andy and Nick have been taking turns running with me especially through the boring areas to help me push through the day as well as get the mileage up, which we have got to over 50km on some days. The road keeps on changing and so do the vehicles and animals on it. Now it’s the camels, and massive ones at that. They are so graceful as they quietly saunter down the road towing their carts with these massive balloon tyres that float over the sand tracks. Their massive padded feet are like slippers silently pitter-pattering along effortlessly in the heat.

The deeper we get into Rajasthan the more common the camels have become, sometimes you will get a string of 5 or 6 sauntering up the road loaded with bags of grain, trailers full of bricks or just two or 3 families perched on a trailer. Normally these caravans are slowly loping up the roads and I can run past them with ease.

Yesterday I passed a couple of guys on a trailer loaded with straw, the camel towing this lot was a monster, huge guy, his lips flopping around as he snorted up the hill with this load, I came along side him and he seemed to pick up pace a bit and then dropped back as I over took him and ran on ahead. As I trotted along, falling in a really nice rhythm, something caused me to look back. Here was this massive camel right behind me, his neck extended to its fullest, seesawing up and down as he picked up pace behind me. Clouds of dust were bellowing out behind the cart as it bounced along the road. This did not feel right.

I cranked up the pace a bit and this just seemed to enrage the camel for some reason as he then gave a loud snort and lurched forward at me. This was now serious; the camel was really “pissed off” something has enraged him. He was now lurching forward. His lips flapping madly as he snorted and zoned in on me. I was now up to a sprint, all I heard Andy say was “Run, David, run!” as the Lochness monster steamed down on me. His lips were flapping right behind me now slimy saliva spraying in every direction, I saw a gap and ducked off the road between some trees as the enraged steam train snorted on past me gob flying every where as the semi-entangled ball of legs, dust, cart and straw bounced on down the road.

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