Of all the creatures on this island, the chameleon has taken my fancy. Graceful, patient draped in colour with an aura about it. In a way to me it is so vulnerable, yet so wily and wise and with a bit of attitude.
There are over a dozen different species on the island and I have had the pleasure of seeing most of them. Difficult to spot, but once you do they really turn on the charm and make a show of things. Slowly they will waltz down a branch as if it were a modelling ramp, draped in their best wash of colour. On hitting the end they will slowly take a bow, turn around, change colour, normally getting darker and head back into the thick of the tree, every now and then twisting an eyeball back 180, just to check that you are still looking. If not, it will twist its head back and open its mouth revealing a bright red and yellow flash of sunset tones just to attract attention as it winds it tail around a branch and proceeds to do a snail pace bit of acrobatics to the branch below, sometimes missing it totally and nearly dropping out the tree in slow motion.
Coming in all sizes, they chill out in the bushes along the paths where dragonflies whiz up and down, at manic gyroscopic speeds. The beady eye watches as it makes a few passes and then splat, that long sticky tongue rockets out and neatly plucks it from the sky, retracting with lightning speed as the jaws close, trapping the insect. Then the eyes seem to do a 360 just to check if it actually caught it, as the jaw slowly chews away with wings hanging out at each corner.

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