Day 1

It was a 4.30 wake up, coffee and then the engines slowly purred as we steamed out of the estuary to the start point some 20 km away. Mixed emotions were going through my mind as I watched my first Mozambique sunrise at sea. The sea is so daunting and some thing new to me, I was really nervous about what this first day was to hold. The further we went the bigger the swell, but the biggest surprise was the current, the charts read 1.5 knots, but we were soon to find out that the current was up to 4 knots.

The boat slowed and Jonathan the captain shouted to the crew to get ready to launch the launch the Kayaks, turning to me he said, “Guys it’s now up to you”, he pointed out a beach where we could start from, a 2km paddle in.

It was quite difficult getting into the Kayaks off the back of the Adventurer (one squashed little finger). The paddle in to the start was really a time to reflect on the whole project the years of planning and the intense last 6 months of hell with everything. So many times I was let down, but never was I going to throw in the towel, no matter what. I can’t believe that is finally happening. The most important thing is that this project makes the difference that I want it to for me that will determine its ultimate success. Please make this journey count. Pledge.

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