A first run from Guantanamo bay near San Antanio in the South East to Punte Messi on the Northern west of Cuba. A Journey that took us into the some what shielded closed Cuban society. Every day became not only a physical challenge, but a mental one through the continuous harassment from the Cuban military.


We found ourselves breaking laws that we never knew existed, interrogated and threatened with 18 months imprisonment or deportation. On we pushed, then only to be plagued by injury, searing heat and choosing the incorrect route, we finally reached the end. Rich in lessons, appreciation for our freedom and what we consider as normal, as we nearly lost all of this during this epic adventure.

The drive took about 1hour, to the area of Mutianyu. Here was a few kilometres of beautiful rehabilitated Ming wall. I got out of the car and stared up at the wall. My mind seemed to be wisped away, for a split second I was a bit overcome and confused as the journey seemed to rush back to me, as I looked up the wall it was more disbelief than anything else, I was back here, this is were it all began.

I left the group and climbed on ahead, up and up I went winding into the hills with the wall – the tourist bit ended and there was a fence that said “No Entry. Wild Wall”. I climbed through and onto the broken wall. I began to run, on into the valley, tears were now streaming down my cheeks, I was screaming inside, on I pushed, eventually I was forced to stop, the wall had crumbled away, letting out a shout of absolute exhilaration, I sat down on a pile of broken bricks, staring down the valley, I could not believe where I was and what was happening. I just felt this incredible energy flow into my body – I knew at that moment, I have the mental strength for India.


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