It started in the winter of 2011 in the foothills of the Himalayas at temperatures of below -10. After experiencing 3 months of Monsoon rains in Madagascar, David had to push hard to reach the end before April in order to miss the monsoon season. The journey took David through 6 provinces and many different climatic conditions, including the dessert in the SW.


In October 2011, extreme athlete David Grier and his support team, Nick Heygate and Andrew Stuart accepted the Cipla Miles for Smiles Foundation challenge: to run the length of India in one attempt. It had never been done before and was deemed in a way madness, yet in just over three months he has once again achieved the seemingly unattainable goal having run, climbed and in cases, crawled his way across treacherous and weather-battered terrain and into the record books by becoming one of the first people to run the length of India from the most northern temple in Srinagar to the most southern temple in Kanyakamari. A journey riddled with problems, sickness, hospitalisation and military arrests, David finally reached the Southern tip of India after completing the run.

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