Arriving on the island that is the label that you are going to get, every one of you and it is a label that sticks and becomes an irritating thorn it your side as it is used with more and more venom as you move up the island. The word is meant to mean foreigner or tourist. Yes maybe, but it is thrown at you with venom and I feel that there is a distinct undercurrent growing against tourists, especially on the main land. Maybe it’s to do with the current political situation and a growing intolerance towards the French as I have seen that there is a lot of meddling from outside and it is coming to the boil.

Besides all of that I have begun to understand the system quite well, but still get caught out and ripped of, as it is part of the island culture to nail you. Always ask first, because if you don’t you are going to be nailed. I always find a local and enquire what they pay, because the fazhar will be charged double. I have been caught three times today, once by the ferry, a taxi to the ferry and then for supper, too tired and off guard I got ripped off.

Shame on you!

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