Fenced in

Friday, 04 July 2008waves

The morning mist was slowly parting as the sea breeze heaved it too and fro across the rolling hills, every now and then hooking on the bushes and tearing into pieces of cotton wool like blobs, reforming and slowly rolling on into the morning sun and dissipating like large lumps candy floss finally frizzling away. From under this the road ahead was revealed as it stretched on into the distance like a ribbon that was unravelled as it scurried from hilltop to hilltop.

As we methodically plodded on down the dust road, our feet would sink into the soft soil as it puffed up from around our feet like a sponge being compressed. In the distance to our right we could hear the pounding of the sea a short way over the hill, no matter how we tried there was no way we could get there.

Constantly trying to some how get down to the coast but with every attempt we were blocked by fence after fence, each reading “prohibited area” or Diamond security area “NO ENTRY”. It has been nearly 100km of this frustration running fences, been channelled in this corridor of linear frustration.

Looking over the fence towards the coast I could see a heard of Gemsbok, on the opposite side of the 12 strands of wire that I was running for quite a while I was following their tracks running up and down the fence. They too were trapped, but in the small coastal belt. These poor animals born with generations of instinct in them of just trying to get out and freely roam the desert plains, but there was no opportunity to do so. Doomed for the rest of their lives to be “Fenced in”.

wavesThe soft underfoot now changed into hard tar road again kilometre after kilometre we plodded our feet burning from the pounding we were finally channelled to our first chance to run the beach as the town of Port Nolloth appeared through the now overcast grey sky as the first rain began to fall.

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