The biggest challenge of my life now lies ahead of me, the multi-disciplined solo event from Africa to Madagascar. The aim is to paddle the Mozambique Channel, run the length of the island and then paddle and Kite surf back to Africa a distance of some 4000 km and a time span of over 4 months. The aim of the event is to bring awareness to the plight of children born with facial disfigurements, cleft palate and cleft lips, and to raise funding to facilitate corrective surgery on these children.

It’s now only a few days to go to the start of the Madagascar challenge, I am mentally exhausted from the strain of getting the project on the road. Having to picking myself up every day with the belief that it will happen, that I will find funding. It’s been a year of constant self-motivation, and preservation of my sanity in the insane weird corporate world. I can’t tell how one’s spirit is lifted when someone finally agrees to see you and you think that you have the opportunity to find funding. The meeting goes well, and then you get the typical run around, only to be punched in the ribs after the meeting by all follow up mails and calls falling on deaf ears – Why can’t someone just give an honest answer, even if it’s a no!

There is no turning back now, the start date in a matter of days and guess what, I still don’t have all the funding – but I am going and I know I can do it the rest will somehow fall into place.

“Help make this journey count.”

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