Getting connected

It was another one-hour taxi ride to the side of Beijing where William lives.

There was a China mobile shop that Qi knew. She decided that it was best to get everything there as she was familiar with the shop.

What a mission it turned out to be. With a passport, copy of your visa, a picture and signature the deed is done!

You now own a SIM, but will your device take it and connect, this is another story.

We each got cards with a three-month data supply and some call time. The call time is just in case of one of us should get lost or lose each other somewhere in the never-never land of beyond the wall or the madding crowd in one of the cities. Then hopefully we are offered that last call and summon some assistance to get us back on track.

Putting the sim into your phone, that was the easiest part.

The hour that follows is another story as shop assistants try and navigate their way through the prompts to finally get you connected, only to find out when you are handed your phone back that it’s all in Chinese, or it still does not work. So out of frustration you give up and buy a local cheapie that is destined to self-implode after 3 weeks. Oh yes, then you also have to get this baby connected and translate it from Chinese into English. So, it’s the whole saga again.

Finally, it’s all happening, but with this one you also buy a scratch card with 50 bucks of airtime and head for the hills, no data needed as the best use of the Smartphone screen is as a mirror.

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