Getting the show on the road

It was a cold morning at Cape Town international, our flight was called and we began to board. I heard a clang, looked around and here came my co chef, Claire dragging her bag, casserole pots and pans clanging down the gangway we boarded the ”Mango” bound for the big city of JHB to prep for the “Talk with Noleen” Woolworths winter cooking insert. I helped Claire with the bag, I could not believe the weight, I was just about to comment, when she informed me it was the casserole pot for my dish – so best I ….

Well believe it or not, yes we do actually plan what we are going to cook, and practice as well, make sure that we are capable of pulling it off., no matter how many times you do a show, you have to plan correctly,  otherwise you end up running around like a headless chicken. I have a feeling It’s going to be great fun – we are going show how easy  it can be cooking with Woolworths products they have the ability to put the passion back into creating memorable dishes.

After a seriously break-neck speed landing, the “Mango” bumped to a stop at Lanseria, it was now the trick to find the prep venue, Chef Paul’s home. These two Capetonians with no mountain to get a bearing from – I see a problem

There was a twist before we got there, poor Claire had to put up with my driving, but to be kind to myself, we both didn’t know where we were, blindly following the GPS, missing turns and getting the continuous “Re calculate” , then a quick stint on the wrong side of the road, and seemed to be getting a close look at quite a few of  the side, alleys ( By mistake) if ever I was in a car chase, I know the routes now. After quite an urban adventure, Claire, looking very relieved recognised the area and pointed out a red painted home. With a smile she politely said.

“We have made it to it to Paul’s home”

It was now down to the grind to get all the dishes worked out and prep what we could to make the show flow smoothly. Paul, being a chef as well, had the ultimate collection of every thing, basically a restaurant and kitchen within a home, what a pleasure to work here, it made it really easy. Within 3 hours, we had sorted out most of the dished and now it was just to discuss how we would be plating it,

There was action every where.

Pork belly, roasting with root vegetables, oven baked Lamb knuckle casserole with Mediterranean tomato sauce , crushed onion and olive potato. Chicken breast curry, a chicken Caesar salad, Tomato and Gnocchi soup. We planned the other Asian fish soup  Finally we discussed the desserts and we were out of there.

I have to admit feeling guilty I trundled out of the home leaving a pile of pots and pans, but Paul assured us it was his favourite past time ?

It was now to find the guest house. Claire tightly buckled in, staring straight ahead we lurched forward into the cold Jhb afternoon.- Job done, till tomorrow

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