Getting to grips with India

Its been going well, each day you get a little stronger, each day you get a little more confident with what you eat, and so it builds. Eventually you are plodding along feeling bullet proof. That’s when everything seems to suddenly turn around and bite back.

Hamish and I had been getting more and more adventurous with what and where we were eating, I was out on this quest to basically taste whatever India prepared, and was doing a pretty good job at it, until that one fine day. (We think it was the juice bar in a really seedy truck stop that finally got us).It was an unusually hot day, what better than fresh fruit juice with a big piece of rustic ice in it. I waved my hand over the cut fruit, the curtain of flies left and now I could see what was on offer, I chose pineapple, pomegranate and orange, actually make it two I said. Was this not just the greatest? Dust, grime trucks, chaos and here we sit sipping a fresh fruit cocktail, this is India and did it taste good.

Early that evening I started to feel a bit wobbly and so it progressed, vomiting then the rest. The next morning Hamish had started as well, but we thought it was just a mild bit of the belly, so we decided to carry on with our days run. By 28km we could no more. Hamish actually collapsed on the road and was just lying there shivering. At first I thought he was acting, then I saw his face, white and not looking too happy. This was crazy as it was 30 degrees in temperature. I gave him my top to put on and called the crew, I was now really worried, something was really going down here. I was in and out of the sugar cane field myself now as we waited. I called the crew again, and said they must get here quickly with the space blankets to wrap Hamish in, as he was starting to scare me.

The crew had in the mean time managed to find us a place to stay in a small village to lie down and recover. It was now midday we collapsed in this abandoned home. The two of us were just rolling around riding through the waves of cramps, nausea and all the other niceties. The villagers had now invaded the home through curiosity to see what was unfolding. The noise that was going on around me was about to blow my brain apart with the headache that I had. Fortunately Andy and Nick took everyone into the field for a game of cricket.

Night came and things just got worse, Hamish just kept going backwards. Things were so bad that we could not even make it to the bathroom anymore. I have had bugs, but this one was in its own league. Finally by 3 in the morning the medication seemed to turn the situation for me, but poor old Hamish was still growling in the dark. The next morning I hit the road again, I have to keep moving slowly, eat away at the distance little by little. (I have always found that if you just keep plodding, keep the kilometres ticking over it mentally helps you heal quicker). Hamish was in a bad way, all I could hear were moans as I walked past the passage where he was lying and headed out into the madness.

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