Goa: The happening spot

This is India’s equivalent of Mauritius except there’s no French influence; this area has the architectural and culinary tastes of Portugal. A small province nestled in palm groves, interleaved with rice paddies and rolling hills of natural jungle. Small bays are fed by massive river estuaries. Little fishing villages are dotted all along the coastline. Goa has a vibe that is found nowhere else in India. Rave and dance are a huge part of the culture here as well as the birth of the new rave/dance craze that is about to hit the rest of the globe, “Sunburn” the newest thing in high tech party.

Goa also is rich in the high tech medical and electronic manufacturing industry as only low emission manufacturing is allowed in this area, trying to maintain clean air for the massive tourist industry. But like the rest of India, Goa still needs to sort out the scourge of littering and dumping that seems to be the one thing the will eventually consume India.

Pristine beaches in the day are rounded off with a vibrant bar culture that has evolved in every little village with the friendliest of people running them. Then there is the food, this unique combination of cultures has evolved into a unique food style, a Goan/ Portuguese fusion of flavours, rich, yet light, spicy but tasty and aromatic. I had a dish of smoked pork, black beans and chilli with Goan bread roll that will go down as one of my best meals in India. Then there are the clams done with coconut milk, the light prawn curry. I had the privilege of being invited to eat at the best restaurant in the region where I experienced this unique coming together of cultures portrayed in a simple plate of food.

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