I’m returning to Madagascar!

Its now been six months since my epic adventure of Madagascar, six months of recovery. Physically the scars have healed, but there is always the deep turmoil of emotions that one has had to suppress during a journey in order to get through the bad times. These also slowly surface and need to be dealt with in order to move on. A lot of this has been stirred with the thought that tomorrow I return to the island with my wife Liz and daughter little Jade, who for the first time will be part of sharing what my journeys are all about.

Their excitement is bubbling over, Jade has been going through her toys and deciding which she will be taking with in order to share as gifts with the children that she is going to meet at the hospital. Liz has over the last week been buying books and other gifts for the kids, friends have been dropping off toys, I don’t know how we are going to get this all in our luggage, but it’s got to go with.

As I slowly sit, watch and listen to the two of them discussing their packing and what lies ahead, one thing I know, this is going to be an emotional week for my family, who have given so much to support me. To all of you out there who have been so supportive of this project – thank you, we are all making a massive difference.

I have just received this from Tamlin one of my daughter who has already arrived in Antananarivo with the Operation Smile team. “In Madagascar for our mission to this beautiful island and we have the first of our volunteers arriving this evening! Really wonderful in country support and more and more people are interested to get involved here and support us, we even have a gentleman that will be flying his helicopter to collect two patients in the north that are unable to reach the mission site as the roads there are nonexistent!”.

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