What a crazy few days I have had, the flight back to SA only for 2 days to do some presentations. I got back to Ireland exhausted from all the travel, what I really needed was 2 rest days before I started the next leg which is not so far in distance, but the biggest challenge is the daily total that we have to clock up. 70km per day. I flew into Cork and Andy and Darren collected me and we drove straight down to the start at Mizens Head the most Southern tip. We slept at the point in the parking lot and were up at 6 this morning to begin at 7. What a beautiful desolate and rugged tip of coastline. Windswept with little cove after cove along the way as this tiny coastal road winds in and out of these little villages that are dotted along the cliffs.

I have seen special places in my life on these journeys, but what has unfolded in front of me today is going to take a lot to beat – on a good summer’s day Ireland take a lot to beat. It has this natural rugged beauty the UK did not have, I think the main reason being the smaller population which leave so much of this area untouched.

Its now 70 km a day for the next 8 days, it’s going to be a big ask, but we are up for it – we have stuck to our 3 sets of 25km which are broken up into about 5 smaller sets. It really works well. The next thing we knew, day one is over and 70km done. We are feeling really good and legs fine. I think the biggest plus of this section of the run is that there is so much fantastic scenery around one that it takes your mind off the road.

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