It’s time to start

The last few weeks have been madness, I can’t believe that all these months have evaporated and it feels that I have not achieved anything. There are so many loose ends, will I ever get it together. Suddenly everything hits you, all the months, actually years of planning feel as if they have come to nothing, one feels as if you have achieved not even half of what is needed and its all to do now.

I feel if you can get through the last bit of planning and preparations in a relatively stress free state, you are half way to the goal of the journey. Now is the time to remain calm and systematically go through all the checks. To start panicking and freaking out at every one does not help. Although you feel like loosing it

The financial curse never lets up, day after day it’s the grovel to scratch together the money to cover the bills that just start to pile up. I just don’t know where I will get the last bit, and I am going, just a few hours left.

After a few tense days we have managed to secure fuel in Madagascar and Mozambique for the support vessel after a mad search and it’s paid for. At least the first leg is 100% sorted the rest I will deal with when I get to the island.

My last day at home – it’s really going to be hard, I hate the goodbyes. My arms just don’t seem to be long enough to embrace all my children today. As I sit here typing I hear little Jades angelic voice drifting through the house – I can’t tell you how I am going to miss this.

Find your little ones and just hug them.

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