Just love life

I think it’s often quite normal to wake up some mornings and it feels like the world is about to close in on you and swallow you up.

You just don’t have the energy to get up. This morning was one of those days; tired and sore after the hard few days and it was -one degree.

The sun was barely up, and we began the grind up a 600-metre mountain slope to get back up to the wall. Step by step we clawed our way up the mountainside, with every step as we generated heat in our body, so life began to seep back into our joints and positivity began to energise me.

I glanced back down at the village below and the beauty of the valley began to unfold. The harsh dry mountain shrubs began to get a subtle softness in the golden morning sun. The wild apricot and peach trees are now in full blossom, like blobs of coloured candy floss they breathe colour into the brown of the mountainside. Below this lay the matt of white snow from yesterday just lifting everything and reflecting the soft golden sunlight from below.

Glancing up, there lay the wall, stretched out in the morning sun which was just catching the side of it, giving the wall a silver sheen against the snow. It was a few minutes later and we crested the wall. I turned and looked down the wall as it unravelled into the distance. A picture that no camera can capture, you need to be there, feel it, touch it, smell it; experience the natural beauty. It’s experiences like this that give life meaning, worth living and worth everything that you put into it.

Remember it’s out there for all of us, reach out touch life, live it to its fullest and in the process, you will come across hardships, but the rewards are bigger –

Just love life!

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