King Bong

It’s been our first day in the province of Rajasthan. What a change from Punjab it was just pollution, masses of people and traffic. For the first time we had found a nice open piece of desert to camp in, our own space and most importantly a little bit of silence. Ramveer, our driver, had once again managed to dig our van into the sand. I think the closest he has come to off-road driving is a pothole in Delhi. Anyway vehicle planted, we unloaded and got ready for the night.

We had just finished eating, sitting in the darkness of the desert enjoying a bit of silence, the cold night air began to descend and with this came the desert mist. It was really eerie, as this curtain of mist slowly began to envelop everything. With is came a fine layer of moisture that coated the ground and all the little plants around us. I could see in the beam of my light how the little droplets of water collected on the leaves of the plants. Their only source of daily water, that keeps them going through the long hot day ahead. It wasn’t long and a little mouse came scurrying along the desert floor, scooping moisture from the plants with its long tongue. Nature, how special.

We were all suddenly drawn out of our dream worlds, we sat up and looked at each other, there it was again, a strange gurgling noise coming out of the mist and getting louder and louder. We could not work out what it was; we strained our eyes in the direction of the noise. Then we saw a small red glow. The mist swirled in our lights as a shape burst out through the curtain of cotton wool. Out walked a tall guy all dressed in white. As he got closer we could see he was holding a big glowing object in front of him, this was all a bit confusing. Then it all started to made sense, he was walking and smoking a massive bong. He came closer and greeted us, planting himself on the open chair, he took two massive hits on the pipe, leaned back and expelled this cloud of foul smelling smoke and smiled at us. His eyes took about 30 seconds to focus properly as he grinned. Whatever was in that bong seemed to work? He them proceeded to offer Andy a hit of his dessert drone, which would probably get a camel to hyperspace by the looks of it. The biggest hubly-bubbly pipe that I have ever seen in my life.

The old guy refocused again, his eyes now spinning in the opposite direction; suddenly he hit a clear picture as his eyes managed to finally focus. He jumped up shaking his head in utter astonishment, uttering something that our driver didn’t even understand. The old guy staggered backwards and then stopped. Finally he got to grips with himself as he wondered back into the mist explaining he had wandered off with his trusted bong and got a bit, let’s say, lost and thought that our lights was his camp, which was a few hundred metres away, when his head cleared and he saw the pale faces in the mist, you can imagine what was going on in his mind.

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