Landing in Madagascar

It was a weird feeling flying over the channel looking down at the ocean below and thinking the last time that I travelled to Madagascar I paddled there in a kayak. Madness if I look back at what I did, but now experiencing what I am on the island, every bit of effort and risk was worth it.

There has been such excitement in the family, Liz and Jade have not been able to contain themselves. I remember the chitter-chatter between the two of them on the plane as they tucked into their in flight meal, it was a 11km high picnic for them as the excitement grew with the island getting closer. I sat chatting to Heather from Media 24 and related to hear how my journey had unfolded, in a way this helped me on my return to slowly relive it before I landed.

On walking into the airport of a foreign country there is always that anticipation, what is going to go wrong with the Visa, am I going to get stopped at customs. The next thing I looked and Jade had bolted, down the plane, out the door and onto the runway, chatting to everyone as if she was at home. I eventually caught up to her and quietly reeled in her free spirit, letting her know that she had to remain with us at all times.
It was now emigration, no visa, as we could get one on entry (will we is always the thought) all went well and off to the luggage belt. Every thing was there, our journey was now to begin.

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