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It’s crazy, no matter how many events I have done, the last 2two days are always a total nightmare.
You can have lists, everything is laid out ready to pack, but nothing comes together smoothly. There is always the last minute flap. Yesterday was just that.
We had a bit of a kit crisis as we were waiting for our running shoes to arrive by courier as well as the Puma gear that had to be collected. This meant that we could not pack anything.
There were bits and pieces all over the place. On top of this both Andy and I had to work the day before we left, plus there was a farewell for us at Cipla HQ where I had to do a presentation on the run. On top of all of this, we now had just 20 hours to go before we flew out to China.
Calmly I walked into the boardroom, knowing the panic we were both concealing.
As I began my presentation my phone ran, I quickly silenced it, but the phone was taking none of that. A few seconds later it came back to life, damn phone, again… I silenced it.
It was taking none of this, now on vibrate mode it bounced down the table.
By now the whole room was looking at me. I looked down at the phone in disgust as it was trashing my presentation and in the haste to silence it I was not getting it right. Then my eye caught something on the screen. PUMA. I looked up at Andy and in delight I said to him I think it’s our shoes, they are here.
The whole room erupted in a cheer and clapped as the phone did its victory bounce across the table.
Andy snapped it up and headed out of the room to take the call. A few seconds later here returned with a massive smile and confirmed to the room that the shoes had arrived. The cheers erupted again.

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