Leech flash back

I was lying scratching my head last night, worried that I might have picked up some head lice on the way. We often see villagers sitting in the sun delicing each other. The thought struck me of and incident a few weeks ago.

It had been day 2 of our manic rainforest bashing. With each day there had been a new onslaught of leeches. Their relentless creeping up your leg and attaching themselves any and every where just never stopped? Exhausted we arrived in a village deep in the forest. We ate, checked for any straggling creatures that might of escaped our search and were still attached, we then all huddled together on the floor curled up on mats and tried to get some sleep.

Lying down trying to get comfortable, I suddenly realised I still had may cap on my head, removing it I lay down again. but due to all my weight loss, I can never get comfortable. My bones just push out every where and bruise my skin. Scrubbing around relentlessly on the floor I finally got comfortable and the waves of sleep started to wash over me, it was close to deep sleep and an escape from what was going on and the reality of the situation.

Dam, just as I was finally slipping into the zone of peace, my head itching awoke me. I pulled my arm out from under my head and started to scratch. With in a second I shot bolt upright. My fingers had located something, something that I was not expecting. A soft jelly like object in my hair. What the hell was this. With my scurry I had now awoken the rest. All wondering what the commotion was about, chatter am moans started to circulate as I was trying to explain that I was under attack. I dug my fingers back into my hair to locate the object, on hitting it my fingers recoiled again, shit what was it, I started a little panic attack, with visions of some exotic creature eating my brain.

Back in went my fingers, this time the sole aim was to extract the creature. Quickly I slid my finger in and gripped the slimy object and pulled. Out it came, a bit plump, slippery and moist. Switching on the Torch in my other hand I shone it on the object. At first, with shock, I just let out a barrage of you know what, my fingers covered in blood from this object that I had just flung to the flood. In my mind I was screaming, I thought I was on my way out. I then again shone my light on the brain sucking creature. There it lay, squirming in crimson red blood. A dam leech that had got in under my cap.

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