Little Robin

wavesFriday, 08 August 2008

So often in life the little things are overlooked and often it’s the small things that end up making the biggest difference. It is also often to our surprise when a little person stands up to be counted and takes it on his small shoulders to make a difference and be an inspiration to giants around him.

Robin Brewer (8 years old) has seen how this project has evolved and has witnessed the change that it has brought to the lives of many a child. Robin felt he needed to somehow make a contribution to this project and ultimately to the life of some child that was not in the fortunate position that he is. Racking his brain to some how find a way to contribute it then caught his eye. The first thing that every modern day child seems to latch onto after discarding their dummy, a Playstation. Toying with the idea, finally he made the decision. He felt that he could put the hours to better use that he was wasting playing the games.

The next morning arriving at school early, he littered all notice boards with his advertisements. He put all his games up for sale at R 100 each. Within 1 hour he was sold out and R 1100 in his pocket. That afternoon he pledged all the money to miles for smiles and banked it into the foundation account Robin, thank you for making our journey count!

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