Maggot man

It had been another 12 – 14 hour stint and the days have begun to add up. The main problem has been food, nothing but boiled rice and the odd bit of fruit that we have foraged in the jungle. The rain is unrelenting with the cyclonic depression hanging just over the island; it’s not going to help the journey ahead as it means the rain will continue. Every exposed bit of skin has been attacked by some bug and then again by the next that preys on the wound. I have had 2 leech bites that have gone septic and are not looking well. But unbeknown to me some thing must have laid an egg in the one bite and it started to hatch.

My leg have begun to itch quite a bit around this one bite; I’ve been trying to avoid scratching it, but could not hold out. Eventually I scratched it and by doing so I broke the thin membrane that had formed over it and this has caused the sore to begin to weep fluid. I carried on walking, but it felt weird so I stopped and looked down. There seemed to be a bit of mud that splashed onto it, so I decided to stop and clean it. I sat on a stump and got a twig to scratch away the mud, but the mud seemed to move, I prodded it. A chill went down my spine as I saw it wriggle. I then hooked this object with the twig and out came a disgusting cream coloured maggot oozing out of my shin – I can’t explain how one feels when you see yourself been eaten alive by these creatures.

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