Make a commitment

The past few days have been a real journey for so many people from different walks of life, countries and cultures. Everyone has come together for a simple reason, to quietly make a difference. These are real people not driven by any ulterior motive that so often seems to be the underlying drive with modern day life.
I have been privileged to be involved with a group of, Surgeons, Doctors, anaesthetists theatre sisters, nurses, just ordinary people, the list just keeps growing. No one is too important to carry a box, move a bed, pick up a child, stop, greet you and ask just a simple question, are you ok – is there anything that I can do for you.

I sit here and question, is this the real world, or am I dreaming, am I actually part of this. I look down the passage at Jade, laughing and playing with a little girl, hugging her and sharing her apple, trying to teach the little one to take a bite with her distorted little face. The test is a failure, but they roll back their heads in laughter and carry on playing. People are scurrying everywhere, each with a specific task to fill, ultimately culminating in a little whimper in the recovery ward after surgery as Pam the Paediatrician and the recovery doctor awakes the little beauty and reunites them with their parents.

Yes, this makes me think and yes this is what the real world can be like. We so often throw up our hand in despair, and say how will my little bit help, what happens in the end you do nothing as you feel your effort is worthless. No, that is where you are wrong, look what a difference this team is making. Be part of our team, join up, pledge. Come on be part of the growing initiative that is out there.

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