Mother Teresa

I had run into this little coastal town about 100km below Bangalore. My hip was really giving me hell so we decided to call a rest day and let me just rest up and see what we could do to get the problem sorted for the final push to the southern tip. Finding a place to stay, the next was the most important, food. I can never get enough to eat. It was getting late so we did not have any real chance to find anything specific it was the first sigh of food and we pulled in.

It was a bit of a dive, the normal hidden cubicle that you have to sit in if you want to eat meat or have a beer, the rest was open eating area for vegetarians. Needing a serious protein load up, we were assigned a cubical and in the order went, chicken, mutton, 4 garlic naan breads and a vegetable curry. I was well into the meal and our waiter came to see if we were happy. During the conversation, we somehow started to chat about doing good and he then related a really interesting story that his uncle had told him. Our waiter was from Calcutta and his uncle worked with mother Teresa. He was telling us the story about her arrival in the city.

Mother Teresa was walking down a street and she stumbled across a leper who was lying in the streets his sores weeping puss, but the worst was there was a dog licking at the flesh and the person was too weak to fight him off. She picked up the beggar and carried him into a nearby temple where she lay him down and began to clean his wounds; oblivious to what was going on around her and what a stir this was causing.

The locals were infuriated that a beggar was brought into their temple as it was off bounds to beggars. They then went to the Guru to complain and told him the temple had now been destroyed by this act. The Guru went down to have a look. On entering the temple there he saw this woman bent over this sick man, tending to his wounds and needs, nothing else mattered to her except for the caring and well being of this man. He sat for a while and watched, then walked out to the gathered crowd who asked what you are going to do. He then summoned them to walk into the temple one at a time and see what was happening. After everyone had personally experience what was happening, he then posed the question to them. So what would you like me to do? No a single person answered, they just hung their heads and walked off.

The basic caring of one for another, is that not what life is about?

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