The first thing that struck me was in amongst the madness of the city, wall to wall people, every conceivable space being utilised floor either accommodation or to trade, some sort of little business to eek out a living from this manic city, there was very little litter on the streets. There were the piles down side roads festering in the sun, but there was no scattered litter as we tend to see creeping into our country at an alarming rate. Around every corner there is some guy with a broom and he is quietly and unnoticed sweeping up the mess.

As I walked from street to street in amongst the mass of little side walk shops, the smell of curry would waft in the breeze that was blowing in from the ocean, bringing some sort of respite to the heat that seems to bake the life out of the city but that same breeze would lift the overpowering trade mark stench of the city and make one reel back every now and then as the nauseating smell hits you.

As with many city’s, street food is every where, as lunch time draws near, Q’s start to form around the favoured vendors, I have from experience always targeted these for food on my journeys, as you are assured if the turnover is big the foods fresh. Still unsure of what to eat, I have tendered to just watch; I have an important meeting in the morning and would hate to spend it nursing a street belly.

I finally just sat under one of the massive trees that gracefully hung over the stream of manic traffic that just never ends. The coolness and shade was quite a relief from the Indian summer that was baking down everywhere, not a breath of wind. I had to sit and just gather my thoughts that were now racing through my mind and the disbelief that I was actually in India, it happened so quickly. Within a week of the final decision to the starting date to Indian run and here I am getting the logistics sorted. Its now only 5 months before I begin the longest of my adventures, which will take 5 months to run and nearly 4500km in distance. As usual yes, I am terrified, its always like that until you take the first step and then the calmness and mental concentration takes over.

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