Nice to know you

It was a long days wait, the adventure could not get to us in time due to massive currents that they were fighting up the coast, we spent the day walking in circles, it’s Sunday and the town has been ghosted. The odd street urchin scurrying around and honing on us trying to beg, distract us and then the others tried the pick pocket number with our attention distracted. Hamish on confronting one of the guys, ended up with a barrage of abuse , followed by 2 rocks thrown at him.

We decided to head to the harbour a more secure area to try and find out where the Adventurer might dock, we met up with the crew of 2 Frigates from the Island of reunion, in the area on Pirate patrol and they were also heading out on the same day as us . Well nice to know we have 2 really big friends heading out into the same space of ocean as us.

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