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William shared an interesting story about the local village where he has his farm house.

There was a lot of activity and preparations in the village, one of the elders, now in his 80’s had been ill for a while and passed away. The family were busy preparing for his funeral that was to be held during the coming weekend. This would also give other family member coming from afar time to travel to the village to attend the funeral and pay last respects.

The funeral was a massive affair; all were gathered at the family home and the procedures were well underway. (I have experienced a few village funerals in China and they are a big event. In the past, in some areas of China, families even rent strippers to really get the party and celebrations going and attract as many people as possible to join in on the celebrations of the life lived – I have heard that this practice is now banned /discontinued.)

During the procedures in the village, someone noticed something strange going on with the coffin and went over to it to inspect. As they got closer they heard a scratching and knocking sound, so they opened the lid to inspect.

To everyone’s amazement the old man suddenly sat up in the coffin. This was now two days after he had so-called passed on. The old man sat there looking around him in absolute bewilderment and disbelief as he looked at the festivities going on around him.

He then quietly asked if he could have a bowl of forage as he was very hungry.

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