R1 Million raised for Operation Smile!

On Tuesday the 12th we closed the chapter on the India run at the annual Miles for Smiles gala dinner with a R1 million cheque hand over to Operation Smile. It has made every step worth while across India and for all the other individuals that have contributed to the foundation. “May the Smiles rain down and the tears of joy flow”, thanks to all of you.

As the one chapter has closed so a new has opened and on Wednesday the 20th I hit the road again to start the UK challenge and this is going to be something different, a challenge within a challenge. A race against you out there. Watch this space for details this time you are all going to be involved.

It was 4:30 this morning and I left home, little Jade lay fast asleep, I lent over and kissed her little angelic face and just stared down at her, when she awakes, I will be gone off to the UK to begin my next journey.

A mad day I have had, on the way to the UK I have gone via Durban to do 2 presentations and now its OR Tambo international as I catch my breath and start to focus for the road ahead. I have just chatted to Andy and Darren the crew and they have found a camper van and are heading north to meet up with me at Edinburgh Scotland and then we drive up to the start at John O’Groats.

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