Sitting here writing this blog, little Jade is fast asleep. I have just told her a bedtime story about mystical China. Sharing with her my trip to China last week , all that I had seen , my reunion with the wall and what it meant . There was also great excitement today, as she has been cutting off all the tags from my running gear and has been helping me pack my bags for the run of India. A little sadness hangs in my heart as well as hers as I was trying to explain for how long I am going to be away. I was trying to relate it to sleeps away, but her understanding numeral literacy only makes sense to about 20. She then asked Daddy, will you be back for my birthday, I answered No. Xmas she enquired, again the answer was no. I could see her thinking about this. Her excitement slowed, eventually looking to me she said Daddy, I don’t like packing anymore.

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