The beauty of Mozambique’s coast started to unfold for us, as we flew north, below was km’s of forested plains with massive granite cone shaped peaks punching their way skywards through the lush green canopy. The country looks so beautiful and unspoilt from the air. The plane banked to the right and then just deep blue ocean stretched out until the earth rounded at the horizon, my heart began to pound as I suddenly realised, soon I am to be a speck in that ocean slowly making my way across it. I looked down into it, every thing is just dwarfed; the ships look like gulls bobbing in the swell. No trace of where they have come from or of where they are heading.

It wasn’t long and we gracefully perched down on the runway, after a short taxi we parked in front of the terminal building. Walking down the stars an into the building, Africa hit me, hot humid with a strong rancid smell hanging. We joined the immigration queue and prepared ourselves for the long wait in the sweltering heat.

My adventure has begun.

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