Printing my new book “Burnt Vanilla”

Every time I finish an adventure, the wise words of Prof Wayne Derman seem to ring in my head. I will never forget this one meeting that I had with him at Sports Science.


I was having a chat to him after The China run. I was in a bit of a bad space where I was all over the place, trying to come to terms with what I had been through and asking my self where to now. After quite a lengthly chat he said to me, “You have to bring closure to this run before you move on, you have to work through it in your own mind. Go and write a book!”.

Looking up to the ceiling he then pointed at it and said, “After that you have to place a peg up there, something new that you can work towards and then you will come to terms with what has happened to you and keep growing”.


I have just walked onto the Trident Press print shop floor. The massive press was running at full speed, spewing out page after page of my life newest chapter, as it piled up at the end of the machine, palate after palate was been fork lifted away and stacked on the floor and there sprawled out in front of me lies thousand of printed pages of my newest book “Burnt Vanilla”. I can’t tell you what an emotional few seconds this was. Firstly in a way of pride as to what I had achieved in completing this book, but at the same time this massive lift came over me as it finally sank in. The realisation of what I had achieved in Madagascar, the personal battle against all the elements and I got through it, here lies the journal, and I can now move onto that next peg.

I walked out of the massive print room, looked at Jennifer Duke (she has helped print all my books) and shared this exact story with her and said, “Jennifer, I can now move on”. India here I come!

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