Proud to be Indian

There is so much said about India and this seems to come from various corners, let it be politics, business and socially a lot also seems to be from a negative perspective .I know as an individual, if you are constantly being portrayed in a negative light, eventually one starts to feel and think that way. You tend to think; wait maybe there is something wrong with me. I am not capable of doing this or will I be able to compete with those around me. In the end it tends to stifle the very creative and energetic drive that you need to be competitive, it eats away at the core that drives one, that simple thing called self-belief.

With anything it takes a strong will to turn this around and quietly push back, fight back. The best way to do this, is just slowly and humbly prove to those around you through hard work and results that you are actually a force to be reckoned with. Slowly you regain the respect of those around you and eventually they sit back and take notice.

Journeying across India I am seeing this quiet resurgence of pride creeping back into Indian life as a nation. From all walks of life and in every corner there is this pride growing as India proves to itself I can do it. Its quiet and its humble but its there. To me the pride bubbles out in the questions that I get asked along the road from people of every walk of life.

What do you think of India?

Have you found what you are looking for in India?

Have you been looked after?

How can I help you? And then the big question, has India been good to you?

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