Ram the river flapper

For once it was an earlier day; there were a few hours of sunlight that I could spend relaxing in instead of the normal rush. Arrive in camp, a quick bucket wash. Catch up on my posts and pictures. Help with dinner and then collapse in my tent. This time we were also camped next to a river, but more importantly a clean river which meant a swim was in order. There is nothing better than to dive into an ice cold river.

I had already got a taste of the river as I had to wade it in order to get to the campsite. There was one little disturbing fact that I saw when I got out and climbed up the steep embankment, I walked right into a rural cremation slab. On it was a twisted frame made from girders welded from this thick steel, like a massive cot, that had I known where the ashes and remains end up, in the river.

We then all headed back down to the river, but this time way upstream. Nick and Andy and I dived in. The other two swam off up the river. Ramveer was still standing on the rock, but eventually dived in and started to swim towards me. I was not taking much notice, but was just relaxing and floating around in the pool.

The sun had now reached the tops of the trees; the light had lost its sharpness and the heat its edge. The colours were returning to the surroundings and the beauty was creeping back into the vegetation. What an amazing Indian evening as I just floated and relaxed, oblivious to everything around me.

It was a scream from Andrew that shattered my little world.

“David, David, he can’t swim”

I initially ignored the shout, as I looked over to Ramveer. His arms were wildly flapping at the water, as a vortex of bubbles enveloped his head and he disappeared. Andrew screamed again, “pull him out, he’s drowning!”. As he and Nick turned and frantically swam towards him. I suddenly realised that the situation was dire, I looked up and Ramveer was gone there was just a mass bubble where he was. I turned and dived down towards the bubbles, just grabbing him by the arm and pulling him to the surface. Shocked and spluttering he surfaced and we swam to the rocks.

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