Reaching the Southern Tip

Run, Run and run again it’s been like this for the past nearly four months, covering a distance of 4008 km, in 93 days. No matter if I have been sick sore or even discharged from hospital, I had to keep moving. This run has been the most pressure that I have ever been through during an event. I still don’t know why it’s been like this, but the main factor I feel was the terrain, basically flat road running. There has been no assistance from the terrain from a physical (up and down hill) or mental perspective (the natural beauty of the surroundings in limited bursts). On top of this there has been the constant human element. With India having such a massive population and such limited space, one can never escape into the quietness on nature and just unwind and focus.

Every single day while running I felt harassed by traffic, hooters, people and just the mega cities enveloping and swallowing me up, eating every last ounce of energy from me. India is beautiful, it feels as though I have travelled 10 countries in one, but India is demanding and takes every ounce on energy and mental strength to keep going. It is manic, far beyond what anyone can dream. I lived the real India, not in some styled Ashram build for the western market that shields you from India. One is lured into a false sense of peace, calm and serenity. In the real India, I spent 3 and a half months “running in a pair of Indian shoes” living local.

Mentally I crawled to the southern tip and physically I limped there. There was many a day that India nearly got the better of me. I honestly feel that if I did not have the experience of the other journeys to draw on I doubt that I would of made it to the end of this journey. There was one day during the journey that I felt that it was just a hill too steep to climb, inside I felt myself splutter, there was that little pain of doubt, I think that was the turning point that actually gave me the strength to lift my game. I was furious within that I could even contemplate the thought.

Bent and buckled I lifted myself out of that hole drew on every ounce of inner strength that I had and lurched forward. From this came a massive lesson, the realisation that no matter how bad things are going, how down you feel, one has the ability to take every negative situation and turn it around into a positive one. From here on, I looked at every negative situation with the realisation that I can turn it around. Nothing is too bad or too difficult, out of the hardship will come reward. With this in mind I looked at the India around me and the realisation struck home as to how many people around me were in desperate situations, but had come to terms with it, accepting it and were out there making the best of it, getting on with life.

Don’t sit back and moan, stand up and take a positive look at your situation, turn it around, only you can.

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