Realty hits home.

Slowly the pieces are falling into place as D-Day draws closer.

Yesterday the Fresenius China media team checked into the hotel and we had a dinner scheduled for the evening, a final de-brief before the event. So far from our side, it’s just been getting over the jetlag, running 10 to 15 km every day around the Olympic park and getting all the little bits sorted.

Now suddenly the gears are changing.

Helen and Sophie who have been heading up the “Back to the Wall” event arranged the dinner in this amazing private dining room booked off the main seating area at one of the hotel’s restaurants. We entered this beautifully decorated room, a massive round table in the middle, with a glass “lazy-Suzi” in the middle laid-out with a magnificent selection of some of the finest dishes that I have had in a long while. In front of each of us was this bowl of bright green soup, which on first sight made you think a bit, but once you put your spoon into this broth and lifted it out, the aroma’s made your mouth water.

On tasting it confusion hits as the smell, visual effect and taste make you think it’s something else, its plays with your mind. Then again the aroma takes you to a different place, the delicate taste bounces you back into taste confusion. More confusion until finally you work through it as all the senses fuse and “bingo” you have it, a delicate crab soup, coloured with spinach chlorophyll and miniature mushrooms floating suspended between the strands of crab meat – wow! If this wasn’t good enough, we ended it off with what is called the Emperor’s dessert that’s only found in Beijing. A delicate sticky rice Swiss roll with a light coco filling.

I was then handed the briefing document for the launch of the event.

For the first time, yes, there it was in bold black and white; “Back to the Wall” briefing document. It’s now right here, the day is upon us, time to put on those running shoes and let our legs do the talking. I looked down at the briefing sheet and my hands were actually shaking – I quickly placed the document on the table to gather myself as the enormity of what lay ahead hit me. I then sat in silence for a while and just listened to what has been arranged around the event and the amplification of it around the Asia pacific region – Its truly mind-blowing the magnitude of what is being created around the event and the inspirational messaging and awareness we will be creating for children suffering with kidney disease in Asia/China.

Then globally we will continue creating awareness for the on-going Miles for Smiles cleft campaign as well.

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