Regaining sanity

Early morning light slowly twists and nudges its way between the branches and leaves of the forest canapé. Bending rolling and squeezing its way between the tree trunks. Finally it manages to penetrate through and a beam, bounces off the ground cover, exploding into misty particles, each little drop of energy bringing life to the lower reaches of the forest. With this the world comes alive, there is an orchestral buzz as every bird and insect begins to celebrate the birth of yet another morning.

A soft breeze rolls through the branches, soft and delicate to the touch, not disturbing anything, but just breathing on the leaves as they flicker and wriggle shaking off the dew like little butterflies stretching their wings. With this soft draft the smells of the forest are activated and mixed, adding the final dimension to this world.

As you walk through the forest you can feel this tranquil peaceful world that has envelope you. My mind just floats with the sights and sounds of this almost surreal world. For hours and hours I can trundle the forest paths admiring the beauty and perfect co existence of every creature and plant. My only place to regain my sanity from the mayhem and madness of this island.

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